Today Is Where Your Book Begins

I couldn't tell you what made me pick up the phone today - as opposed to tomorrow, yesterday, or last week - but I finally did.

I called my local USO.

The director is on vacation so I'll have to wait a bit before getting my feet wet as a volunteer, but it is about time I spent my days doing something more useful.

And last week, I got someone who thought he didn't belong to join the local VFW post and see that he could be part of something that helps so many.

There are so many things I could have done or ways I could have helped in the past, but dwelling on them won't help me or anyone else. Instead, I will build a future I want to be a part of starting from each day I am given.

I will make a difference, one day at a time, one encounter at a time.

I will be the change I hope to see in the world.

I am a volunteer.

More Cookies for Marines

There's still a little bit of time left to donate Girl Scout Cookies to the Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan. All you have to do is head over here and click the donation button on the right sidebar. Of course, CJ would probably appreciate you reading his update of their progress during the donation process (and it will inspire you to read about his daughter's goals and determination) but you don't have to.

I personally donated for a lot of reasons, but most of all, because I tend to buy the cookies out of guilt and then feel guilty for eating them - I have such little willpower when it comes to cookies. I can tell myself no to the cookies on the store shelves, but when I know what it felt like to be that little girl selling cookies and how disappointing a "no thanks" response felt ... I just have to buy a box. This way, I have satisfied the guilt I would have felt for saying no to a little girl but I won't cry when I try to squeeze my jeans on and know that the cookies are partly to blame.

Plus, those Marines are going to enjoy them waaaaay more than I do.