ER Blogging

I've been a fairly loyal fan of ER for many years now. I've watched the characters come and go and the storylines change, but this season has almost convinced me to change the channel on Thursday nights.

Last week's episode was entirely in Africa. An entire hour of political, social commentary on the situation in Darfur. This is not what I watch ER for. At first I thought to myself, "they'll get back to Chicago after the commercial," but every commercial went by and the show went right back to Darfur.

I started yelling at the TV, literally. I was so pissed.

And to top it off, it isn't even subtle commentary!

Last night's episode had characters screaming lefty drivel at Soldiers who were there to notify a doctor that her husband had been killed in action. I get that people are angry when their friends die, but do we need multiple characters to burst into screaming fits about how they think the war is wrong?

I get it ER writers - you're anti-Iraq, you're pro-Darfur - how about not insult my intelligence about it, ok?

In fact, I'm almost pissed off enough to just stop watching NBC all together ...

I Ain't Gonna Worry and I Don't Have To Be Anywhere

I wish I could say it ain't my day to care, but I'm not there just yet. Give me a couple more days, hopefully just til mid-day tomorrow, and I'll be set for a while.

I came home to a bunch of last minute fix-its that I should have taken care of before I left, but I put them off. So today is a bit of panic, but I think I have myself organized well enough that the stress is probably unwarranted.

The burial was very brief and very good for all of us. Her casket was perfectly her, elegant and simple, cream with pink accent flowers painted on it. The cemetary was beautiful with flowers decorating nearly every gravemarker as far as you could see. And greatest of all, she is back with her son Kevin that died as a young child.

Times like the past couple of days in rural Indiana are almost enough to make me wish I were even less of a city girl. Friends of hers opened up their home to the entire family and friends they'd never met. We all had supper and dinner together. We had the freshest garden food and desserts only country hands could dream of making. There was a love and tenderness among strangers that I can't say I've felt in any recent memorable past.

It was exactly what her small town soul would have wanted.