Are Computers Getting More Expensive Overtime?

Computers are getting more and more expensive over time. This is after every other single year in the UK.

Why? You might ask… Well, there are a couple of variables to take into consideration before concluding this sentiment.

One thing we need to understand is that there are several stages our computer’s components undergo before ending up in the store, where we purchase them. These are different workshops, different assembly lines, and even different warehouses.

This, in turn, leads to a state of instability in dependency, considering different companies depend on other companies for supply. This is the supply of different hardware components that are assembled to make up our personal computers.

These components vary from the cases, motherboards, central processing units, cooling systems, and even memory drives.

Giant hardware tech companies have been griping about this complex, especially after the cost rise of memory components that are being supplied by other companies.

The price spike of memory components has been caused by the difficulty to fabricate newer generations of memory that are intended to double in speed compared to the current memory components, while still retaining their small size.

Computer makers that are left without a good amount of inventory on memory chips,

face a whole new strain.

Memory is deemed as one of the most crucial parts of the computer. This is where all the data in the computer is stored. Without memory, the computer is incapable of processing data.

Therefore, being as important as it is, hardware …