Broad understanding of hardware

A computer is a series or group of electronic machines consisting of thousands and even millions of components that can work together, and form a neat and meticulous work system. This system can then be used to carry out a series of jobs automatically, based on instructions or programs given to them.

The definition gives meaning that computers have more than one part that works together, and those parts can only work if there is electricity flowing inside them. The term about a group of machines, or the term about millions of components, is then known as computer hardware or computer hardware.
Computer hardware can also be interpreted as physical equipment from the computer itself. Equipment that can be seen physically, held, or moved. Hardware, is one of the elements of a computer system, a tool that can be seen and touched by humans directly, which supports a computerized process. In Indonesian it is called hardware. It is a device that we can see and can touch physically, such as an input device (input), a processing device (intermediate), or an output device (output). This equipment is generally quite sophisticated. He can work based on the commands available to him, which is also called the instruction set. With the command understood by the machine, the command performs various activities on the machine that are understood by the machine so that the machine can work based on the order it gets. a computer can’t work without a program that has been inserted into it. This program can be in the form of an operating procedure from the computer itself or various procedures in terms of previously specified data processing. And these programs are then referred to as computer software or computer software.
According to standard terms, software is software and after editing software means software; software; computer program. The meaning of software is considered to be closely related to the following understanding: Also called software, is a collection of several commands executed by a computer machine in carrying out its work. this software is a record for computer machines for storing orders, as well as documents and other archives.
It is electronic data that is stored in such a way by the computer itself, this stored data can be in the form of programs or instructions that will be executed by the command, as well as records needed by the computer to carry out the commands it executes. This compilation is processed through software, which is also referred to as the programs and data it processes. Processing on this software involves several things, including the ones
operating systems, programs, and data
. This software arranges in such a way that existing logic can be understood by computer systems. In the broadest sense, computer software can be interpreted as an operating procedure. An event aired by TVRI, can be considered as the software of a television equipment. Likewise the case with music that has been recorded on tapes, data on paper, as well as stories or descriptions in a book. In principle, computers are only a tool; Tools that can be used to help humans complete their jobs.

Hardware is in the form of physical equipment from a computer system, this equipment consists of 3 types, namely: 1. Input device (Input device) The input device serves to enter data, both in the form of text, photos, and images into a computer. Examples of input devices such as keyboard, mouse, light-pen, scanner, and so on. output device (Output device) output device is used to accommodate and produce data that is released, such as monitors and printers. Data processing device (Processor) Data processing devices are used to process data. Data processing includes the central processing unit (CPU / Central Processing Unit) and also the microprocessor. Types of hardware (hardware):

1. CPU (Central Processing Unit)
Is a tool that functions as a data processor. CPU contains a circuit that stores instructions for processing and storing data.
2. Monitor
Is a tool that is able to display text and images from data that is being processed in the CPU.
3. Keyboard
The keyboard is a tool for entering data and commands to the CPU, usually consists of a series of letters, numbers, and other function keys.
4. Mouse
Mouse is a tool to give commands in processing data or editing data.
5. Printer
The printer is a tool that produces printed data output (output) in the form of text or images / graphics.
Additional tools (peripherals) that are capable of storing and writing data and programs through CD media (Compact Disk). This tool is designed to be able to write and read data or programs through optical systems.
7. Compact Disk (CD)
Storage media made of plastic.
The process of storing and reading data using the optical system.
8. Floppy Disk
A floppy disk is an additional tool for storing or writing into a disk or vice versa, the size that is commonly used is 3.5 inches.
9. Hard disk
Hard disk is an additional tool for storing data in a large capacity that is magnetically coated, now the development of the hard drive is very fast from the capacity and speed of reading data.
10. Scanner
Scanner is a tool to enter data in the form of images or graphics and convert it into digital form so that it can be processed and combined with data forms in the form of text.