Hot PC, How to solve And Methods To Handle It

Nowadays, what doesn’t use a Hot PC? Starting from typing, printing, designing and so on, of course you will be annoyed if the PC you are using is hot quickly, and if the PC is hot it can cause it to hang. Because a fast hot PC is also not good for the application system or hardware. And maybe you are confused inside.

Hot PC

What triggers a hot flash PC, while it’s only for playing for a while?

Here are some of the causes of your PC flashing hot.

PC or laptop takes too long to play games

If you are a gamer, of course you have to buy a special PC that suits your abilities, and if the PC you are using is of a standard specification and is for playing games for too long, then this is the main cause of your PC or laptop getting hot quickly. Because playing PC games requires 3 components that work hard, namely Processor, VGA and Memory. A processor that works very hard will cause a lot of heat and your PC might restart itself. To handle it, you have to increase the fan on the back of the CPU which is useful for generating hot air from the inside.

PC Cooling Fan Damaged or Dirty and Dusty

Fan or fan is the trigger for the formation of a hot flash PC, if the fan rotation is reduced, of course the PC will heat up quickly, especially if the fan or fan is dirty and dusty this will cause the processor to overheat or overheat. If this is always allowed, the PC will gradually turn itself off and the processor will be damaged. To handle it, you should first check the fan, if there is a lot of dust, clean it and make sure the fan is still running normally, if it doesn’t turn around, you should replace it with a new one.

Pay attention to the processor cause Hot PC

If you want to buy a PC or laptop, you should first check the brand of the processor, don’t buy it but don’t know the shortcomings of the processor. There is a comparison between Intel and AMD. AMD’s latest processor allows heat up to 85 degrees Celsius, while Intel only allows heat to 72 degrees Celsius. So there is a very significant comparison between the two processor brands. If this problem causes your PC or laptop to heat up quickly and cause it to die, you should replace the processor with a higher quality one.

Faulty PC Power Supply

The power supply is a PC component that supplies electric voltage to the PC, if the power supply has a leak, then the power supply will apply to the motherboard or it can also cause all the PC components to heat up, even if there are components that are directly damaged. How to prevent it, you can use a stabilizer or UPS to keep the mains voltage normal.

The position of the aluminum on the heatsink (cooler) is not installed properly

The next trigger is if the aluminum position on the processor is not installed properly, of course the processor will overheat and the PC will turn itself off. if this is always allowed, then your PC will heat up quickly. To be able to fix it, you have to break the CPU, and open the fan that is above the processor, then check whether the aluminum is firmly attached to the processor. If necessary, open the cooling aluminum and rinse off the paste adhering to the processor, then replace it with new paste.

So, those are some of the causes for your PC to heat up quickly, and here’s a way to cool down a PC that heats up quickly and doesn’t hang.

Routinely clean the dust on the CPU

Routinely clean the dust that sticks to your PC, because this is the main problem that causes your PC to quickly get damaged and dusty, most people are lazy to clean the dust that is on their PC. And don’t be lazy to clean the dust attached to the PC. Clean regularly 1 or 2 months, if you feel dirty, clean it even if it hasn’t been a month.

Add a fan on the CPU

Increasing the bonus fan on the CPU can reduce the heat that is on the PC, even though the CPU already has a built-in fan when buying, but if you still feel hot, what’s wrong with adding another fan? on the back of the CPU.

Using a Cooling Pad

Cooling Pad is a special bonus fan for laptops, Cooling pad is also known as an external fan whose function is to reduce the heat that is on the laptop. If your laptop feels hot, buy a Cooling pad then attach it to your laptop.

Rest your PC or Laptop

The last way to cool down your PC is by resting your PC, if you use it for a long time for designing, typing or playing games, you should rest your PC.