Several Technological Innovations in the Future

Without us realizing it, future technological innovations have changed our lifestyle as a whole. To help human life become easier and also more interesting. In recent years, smart TVs have been on the market. Smart TV combines television and computer technology, where users can watch regular television shows or stream video services from the internet on the same device. Not only that, Virtual Reality (VR) is also increasingly popular since it became available and affordable to the general public. By using VR goggles, users can interact with the virtual environment, thus making the experience of watching or playing your video game more exciting. Here are some future technological innovations that will be present and you can enjoy:

Technological Innovations

Smartphone Bracelet

Currently a technology company has started to design the concept of a bracelet that functions as a smartphone. When wearing the bracelet, the smartphone screen will be projected on the skin of our hands complete with touch screen technology like today’s smartphones. LED notifications, WIFI connection, Bluetooth, even a mini USB port are available. You can also use your smartphone while taking a shower or even other extreme activities, without having to worry about your smartphone being damaged.

Head-up Display (HUD)

In the future, it will also be easier for you to drive with a digital Head-Up Display (HUD) that appears on the windshield of the vehicle. The HUD will appear as a transparent layer that won’t distract you, but instead provides travel information such as speed, remaining amount of fuel, vehicle condition and road navigation. You no longer need to open the road guide application on your smartphone or worry about the condition of your vehicle, because everything will be clearly visible on the vehicle’s glass screen.

Eye Control Technology

This technology can recognize faces and eye movements to control smartphones or other devices. Facial recognition technology can already be found in several smartphones today. In the future, it is predicted that we can control anything like swipe up and swipe down, or even play games using only eye movements.

3D Printing in Every Home

If at this time you still have to patiently wait for delivery to your home after shopping online, in the future you can print the items you buy directly. Every home will have a 3D printer that can print almost anything, from electronics to furniture to even food. All you need to do is buy and download files from the internet. So, get ready to finally live in the world of science fiction. Along with technology that continues to grow.