Understanding Big Data: Hadoop to Become a Dominant Platform

As a result of the amount of big data that is streaming into companies and organizations, people have to analyze it quickly, make reports, and dispose of it in the right way. For easy reference, reliable storage of all data is needed. In fact, there has been a significant need for a big data management framework that will take care of all of these processes at once. Hadoop has brought a solution for such companies.

What is Hadoop?

Any data expert who has been dealing with big data solutions should understand what Hadoop is so that they can recommend it to clients where applicable. This is a series of open-source programs that are distributed to different computers to provide data storage and analyses for companies that handle enormous amounts of data on a daily basis.

Hadoop works perfectly when these two parts are put into use:

·        Distributed file system – This is how data is stored on the Hadoop platform. Many storage devices are connected together to create enough storage in formats that allow for easy retrieval during an analysis. No matter which computer OS is used, Hadoop will still use its own file format that is above the hosting OS.

·        MapReduce – The name suggests two important parts of Hadoop. Mapping involves reading data and getting it ready for analysis. It makes sure that the format is appropriate and ready for the operations. The other part is called “reduce,” which involves a matrix that sorts and analyzes data.

The Economic Sense of Hadoop

Dealing with big data in any organization is not as easy as people think. First of all, buying software that will collect data, store it, and perform analysis can be quite expensive. Many companies could not afford this.

But Hadoop is a free open source solution. According to experts, the annual maintenance cost of Hadoop is very low compared to paid alternatives. You can click here to talk to dig data experts who will provide you with the necessary support that you need.

Continuous Improvement of the Software

Since its inception, Hadoop has evolved a lot. Many of its databases initially varied in their performance, which brought a lot of inconsistency in their operations. Numerous experts had to come together and enhance the coding of the software, and today, great things are happening. A better SQL ecosystem has been integrated into Hadoop to give it more power than ever before. This is predicted to improve the relational database for better storage, retrieval, and analysis. This comes after the ability to use the same tools to perform more functions in the Hadoop environment.

So, Will Hadoop Become the Next Big Thing?

The simple answer is yes. The trend is very clear. Hadoop has come a long way and greater things are expected for it in the near future. The solutions so far are excellent and much better than the past.

Experts from the Apache software foundation, who are the makers of Hadoop, have confirmed that future updates will have more storage that is secure and also includes more solutions to the framework. The users, on the other hand, remain optimistic that they will reap more from the software.