Understanding of Software and Examples

Software or software is a computer program that is an instruction that must be given to the processing unit so that the computer can carry out the work as desired. The program is written in a special language that is understood by the machine. This software uses can be classified into 5 types, namely:

1. Operating system (operating system)
2. Utilities Program (Utilities Program)
3. Application Program (Application Program)
4. Package program (Package Program)
5. Programming Language (Programming Language)

Some companies include: Industry Standards Architecture and EISA (Industry Standard Architecture) include:

1. COMPAQ Computer
2. Advanced Logic Research (ALR)
3. AST Research
4. EPSON America
5. Everex Systems
6. Hewlett Packard
7. Olivetti
8. Micronics
9. Nippon Electric Corporation (NEC)
10. TANDY Computers
11. WYSE Tevhnology
12. Zenith Corporation

There are several types of software, including:

1. Software system
The software system is divided into 3 parts:

a. Operating system
Operating systems are the most important part of running a computer device. An operating system is software that bridges between users and hardware. There are several types of operating systems including Windows, DOS, Linux, and so on. Nowadays for many PC types computers use the Windows operating system
b. Utility program
Is the program that functions to help the operating system as described above, such as: anti-virus, defragmenter, diskette format, system checks, and so on.
c. Programming language
An application for converting mathematical calculations into an application. For example, the language programming language BASIC, COBOL. C ++ and so on.

2. Application software
It is a device that functions to perform various forms of office tasks such as word processing, worksheets, presentations, web page processing, media players devices, and so on. This has been developed as the operating system was developed.
Software applications can be grouped in several parts, namely:

a. Word Processor
Serves to do word processing, namely work related to manuscripts and various types of correspondence administration.
Examples: Wordstar, Microsoft Word, Amipro, Word Perfect.
b. Number Processing (Spread Sheet)
Works to a lot of work related to numbers, such as the use of calculations, financial reports, and graphics.
Examples: Lotus 123, Quatro Pro, Microsoft Excel, Symphony, Super Calc.
c. Data processor (data base)
Serves to do data processing. The data can be numbers, words or combinations of numbers and words.
Example: dBase, Fox Base, Fox Pro, Clipper, MicrosoftAccess, Visual Fox Pro, Paradox and so on.
d. Multimedia
Examples of multimedia Winamp applications, Audio Pro to play music MP3 or Audio CD formats. Then RealPlayer, Xing, or Jet Audio can be used to watch movies or VCDs.
e. Communication and the Internet
To communicate between computers between two computers or more, for example, Lap Link, PC Anywhere, Procom Plus. The commonly used internet applications are for browsing, e-mail, chat and messengers such as: Internet Explorer, Opera, MIRC, ICQ, etc. .
f. Education and Games
Software to help you understand how many things are designed to be boring, examples are: PC Globe, Bodywork, Science Adventure, Rabbit Reader, and others.
g. Drawing Design
Specific applications include working structures such as AutoCAD (structure drawings), Protel (electronic circuit images), Matlab (processing and visualizing mathematical equations), Photos Shop (processing images), and Flash (for creating WEB pages), and others .
h. Anti Virus
Software for computer viruses, for example: Mc Afee, Norton Anti Virus, Panda, and others. Virus is software that is made up of data or computer programs, for example: PC Brain, Hackers, My Heart, Pepsin, Bagle, MyDoom and others