What about Technology and Industrial Trends in 2025?

There are at least 10 technological and industrial trends that will occur in 2025. Huawei identifies the emergence of 10 new megatrends that affect the order of human life and the way they work in the future. This was written by Huawei in a report on Global Industry Vision (GIV) which includes various predictions around the development of the world of technology and industry until 2025. The GIV report outlines predictions of technological trends that will color the competition market by 2025, such as the 5G network implementation, AI-based technology mat, adoption of a home robot, to the use of smart assistants in everyday life.

Ten trends and predictions of Huawei in 2025 as contained in the GIV report, include:

1. Robotics in Everyday Life

Advances in science and technology in the field of materials, perceptual AI, to the network become a trigger for the increasingly aggressive adoption of robotics in everyday life and to support other personal needs. GIV has even predicted that the penetration rate of robotics for home will grow by up to 14 percent globally.

2. Super Sight

The high application of 5G technology, VR / AR, machine learning, and a number of other developing technologies in everyday life has opened new horizons in the world of technology. GIV predicts that the number of companies utilizing AR / VR technology will increase by 10 percent.

3. Zero Search

Future search models no longer need buttons to give orders. Social life will be built easily. The industry will benefit greatly from zero-search maintenance. GIV predicts that 90 percent of smart device owners will activate smart personal assistants technology for daily use.

4. Intelligent Transportation System

Intelligent transportation systems are predicted to be able to build connectivity between people, vehicles and infrastructure that drives traffic free traffic systems, good emergency response systems in the future, and various other functions that facilitate human life. GIV predicts that later 15 percent of vehicles will be equipped with Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything technology.

5. Work side by side with the robot

GIV predicts that for every 10,000 workers will co-exist with 103 robots in each industry.

6. Augmented Creativity

Cloud AI is predicted to play a large role in cutting costs and obstacles that have been faced in carrying out science-based experiments, creating innovation, and even in the arts. GIV predicts that 97 percent of large-scale companies will deploy AI technology in their systems.

7. Barrier Free Communication

AI and big data analytics will play a major role in building barrier-free communication between companies and customers. This is expected to be able to break the language barrier between them. GIV predicts that later 86 percent of data produced by companies in the world will be used optimally by them.

8. Symbiotic Economy

The adoption of digital technology and smart applications by companies around the world is expected to be a driving force for increasingly strong collaboration, supporting companies to share resources for the realization of a strong global ecosystem and increased productivity. GIV predicts that eventually all companies will utilize cloud technology and 85 percent of all applications used in business will be based in the cloud.

9. The 5G title is getting faster

5G is in sight and is much faster than the wireless generation of its predecessor. GIV predicts that by 2025, 58 percent of the world’s population will be able to enjoy 5G access.