Software or software is a computer program that is an instruction that must be given to the processing unit so that the computer can carry out the work as desired. The program is written in a special language that is understood by the machine. This software uses can be classified into 5 types, namely:



1. Operating system (operating system)
2. Utilities Program (Utilities Program)
3. Application Program (Application Program)
4. Package program (Package Program)
5. Programming Language (Programming Language)

Some companies include: Industry Standards Architecture and EISA (Industry Standard Architecture) include:

1. COMPAQ Computer
2. Advanced Logic Research (ALR)
3. AST Research
4. EPSON America
5. Everex Systems
6. Hewlett Packard
7. Olivetti
8. Micronics
9. Nippon Electric Corporation (NEC)
10. TANDY Computers
11. WYSE Tevhnology
12. Zenith Corporation

There are several types of software, including:

1. Software system
The software system is divided into 3 parts:

a. Operating system
Operating systems are the most important part of running a computer device. An operating system is software that bridges between users and hardware. There are several types of operating systems including Windows, DOS, Linux, and so on. Nowadays for many PC types computers use the Windows operating system

A computer is a series or group of electronic machines consisting of thousands and even millions of components that can work together, and form a neat and meticulous work system. This system can then be used to carry out a series of jobs automatically, based on instructions or programs given to them.

The definition gives meaning that computers have more than one part that works together, and those parts can only work if there is electricity flowing inside them. The term about a group of machines, or the term about millions of components, is then known as computer hardware or computer hardware.
Computer hardware can also be interpreted as physical equipment from the computer itself. Equipment that can be seen physically, held, or moved. Hardware, is one of the elements of a computer system, a tool that can be seen and touched by humans directly, which supports a computerized process. In Indonesian it is called hardware. It is a device that we can see and can touch physically, such as an input device (input), a processing device (intermediate), or an output device (output). This equipment is generally quite sophisticated. He can work based on the commands available to him, which

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