Standing Outside The Fire

After much prodding from my dad, I finally broke down and bought one of those fire safes that's supposed to offer a half hour of protection for whatever items of value that you can fit in the heavy little sucker.

I have always seen the value in them, to a degree, but I never really thought I had anything worth putting in one. Boy was I wrong. I'm finding all kinds of important things to put in there.

And graduation money I forgot I had ... score!

And when it rains,Will you always find an escape?

I had another doctors appointment this morning so I decided to take the whole day off...

I've come to the computer with the urge to blog three or four times now since I got done with the appointment, but nothing seems to be there, ready to come out.

I think its time to admit I'm in another funk

I want back what I never really had ... but my heart remembers what I told myself it was. I know I don't want what it would be now ... but my heart remembers what I convinced myself it would be today.