Would You Be The Soundtrack of My Life?

I took a page out of the blogosphere's very own Mr. Hospitality's book this weekend and hosted a blogmeet at home.

It was a fantastic turnout. The usual suspects graced my humble abode, I finally got to meet Professor Chaos, Sabre (and her friend), Lysander's other half, and even host a couple tykes.

Of course there was more food than anyone could possibly eat ... cuz duh, feeding people is what I do (wings anyone?) ... plenty of interesting conversation to go around ... the obligatory twat talk that comes with having a gyn as a friend ... and an amazing recitation of Office Space

I think I just might do this again, what do you say guys? I'll even try to plan a surprise guest for the next one.

I need to know where we stand

Interestingly enough, I took AssRot's advice today (before I even knew he had given it to me). There was some BS going on at work and I made no secret that I thought it was exactly that ...

And I got called in to discuss my attitude

Perhaps I should find a nicer way of saying things ...